Saturday, December 22, 2007

An Ole'-Fashioned Country Christmas

This is the year of three Christmas celebrations for our family--celebration one in central NY at Matt's parents' home, celebration two at home (suburban CT) for Christmas Eve and morning, and celebration three at my sister's place in Boston. From country to city in four days flat. Here are some images of Christmas, country-style.

What is Christmas without an angel?

Fresh from a wild ride on the 4-wheeler, Kyra the dare-devil!

Self-portrait of my own Christmas cheer.

Spring melt, or just a moment of winter thaw?

Have a very, very merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Do you know what day today is?

Kyra, don't you realize this isn't just any day?

Lucas, wipe the sleep from your eyes!

Today both your grandfathers have BIRTHDAYS!

Whatever shall we give them?

An at-home haircut, a favorite of the men in our family???

Or perhaps a ride in the canoe???

Nah....too cold and snowy out there!

Strike a pose, give them a smile, and send those birthday wishes on their way!

Happy birthday to BOTH the grandpas on your shared, special day!