Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Christmas Vacation

While I've never hidden how delightfully "low brow" my family's sense of entertainment is, the Christmas holidays and our associated rituals bring us to new lows. Case in point....I actually felt a twinge of disappointment when my brother-in-law said he was bringing a rib roast for Christmas Eve dinner, replacing for this year only my decades-old family tradition of roasting hot dogs over an open fire (or in the microwave when there's no open fire or the kids are too hungry to wait!). No worries--we simply ate the hot dogs for lunch that day!

Another favorite Christmas ritual? We always gather together to watch the movie "Christmas Vacation." We laugh until tears roll out of our eyes, each year exclaiming, "I don't know if it's funny or sad that this feels so true!" Well, with Christmas 2006 behind us, I can say that Christmas Vacation is sad indeed when it really is true. After delighting in our roast, we woke Christmas morning to the unexpected death of a beloved pet, and only days later to the news of a family member's lost job and related lost year-end bonus. Ugh....the movies come to life are never terribly entertaining.

Here's hoping 2007 brings a little less change in our home, and a little more peace and happiness for all....