Wednesday, May 24, 2006


While driving home from day care/work this evening, I began preparing Kyra and Lucas for their evening tomorrow. We'll be visiting the family resource center, a phenomenal local service offering play groups, parenting workshops, visits from parent educators, developmental screenings and more. Matt and I are attending a session called "Growing a Girl!" while Kyra and Lucas play in the playgroup area. Kyra has envied the fact that Lucas still occasionally attends playgroups, despite that she has aged out of many of these programs. I was emphasizing the play opportunity to her, but she was clearly more interested in the topic of our workshop. Without knowing exactly how to describe it--when in fact I know little more than the title!--I simply said, "It's a lesson about how to raise great girls, and we certainly have a great girl to raise!" Kyra's response?

"Are you going to sell me?"

I don't know if we've been talking about raising livestock for food, raising the cost of gas to gouge out our wallets or wanting more of a raise in our paycheck, but clearly there has been a raise/sale link for her. Nope, my girl, you are definitely a keeper!


Sue Sehulster said...

When Aidan was an infant, a friend once said to me, "Watch out -- you can't wait for your baby to talk and to hear his voice, but once he does you'll wish he would shut up!" I thought, "there is no way that can be true" and I have to say I believe I'm right. Sure, I can do without the whining, yelling, etc. But I just LOVE hearing Aidan talk, express himself, explain things, and question ... I'm sure you feel the same! Kyra's question is priceless (although I hope she wasn't feeling any distress at the notion of a sale tag on her shirt). It makes you wonder what wheels are spinning in their little minds, and it so often makes you see things from a different light. What a precious girl. How was the seminar? Learn anything interesting? With my own girl to raise I know it's a monumental responsibility (especially coping with a deformity). Hope you had an enlightening time!

Kristen said...

Hahaha...the connections they make sometimes are SO funny.

Heather S. said...

Too funny--
It reminded me of yesterday when my landlord's grandson wanted to help me plant flowers. He was telling me that his grandmother was in Israel. When Alex (my landlord) came back to check on the flowers, I in an attempt to make conversation said, "So Mara is in Israel?" His grandson promptly asks, "Why are you telling him? He already knows where she is!" How strange we must sound to kids at times.

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