Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A bit of a stretch

Our house has been on the market for six days, and our realtor hasn't even gotten a call. Short of checking on her phone lines every hour or harassing her to tell me if she has statcounter to determine if anyone is viewing the listing, I must sit and impatiently wait. The only actual sign that our house is for sale is hanging out in front with a giant photograph of our realtor. (Does that honestly sell houses? When did real estate become akin to the Miss America pageant?) This isn't entirely true, though, as the contents of our mailbox seem to indicate an imminent move. Daily we receive postcards from moving companies, mortgage brokers, and competing realtors hoping for a piece of the non-action we are currently experiencing. I'm actually quite fond of our mortgage broker, so I received his postcard today with a smile. When we first bought our home he was relatively patient with my total ignorance of the mortgaging process; he provides door to door service, showing up in our home with only hours notice. I wish, wish, wish he was licensed in Connecticut--but he's not. To remind us of his care and the impending national holiday, however, we received a postcard from him today. Bearing in mind that this is a man I genuinely appreciate, indulge me in a moment here....

The postcard reads: I'm proud to be an American--and I'm equally proud to be your trusted professional. I'd like to wish you a joyous July 4th holiday and extend my continued assistance to you for the future [despite that I'm not licensed where you're moving....]. If you know of anyone who could use my services, please let me know. Much as our freedom adds to the glory of our country, your referrals add to the success of my business.

I don't know about you, but my mind was filled with the image of bewildered Iraqis picking up our "freedom referral plan" postcards just hours before the bombs began. "Consider democracy. I tried it and closed the deal in just days! Call G.W. for details....he's waiting to hear from you!"

I need more sleep....and a buyer....and only one house and job on my mind! Soon enough, I hope.


Alan said...

Well, not that you'll be able to....but I hope you have a somewhat relaxing weekend. :)

Grampa Peter said...

The way that we USE Patriotism to sell hamburgs, used cars, etc etc must be the approach that people use - if they KNOW (or think they know) that I'm a Patriotic American, then they will want to use my services and they can trust me. oops.. sort of like how we have abused "9/11" Here in Florida everybody does this, as a way of getting the inside track. We have more 'Patriots' than New England has rooting on their team.
I'm hoping that you will notice someone out front looking at the sign, writing the number down, and have a quick sell.

Maybe a fourth of July house sale!!!!!!! I enjoy your blog writings so very much, you have a special gift of writing.. thank you

Anonymous said...

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