Thursday, June 26, 2008

Birthdays Abound!

My dear boy turned four this week....but no post, as we decided to add some excitement to his special day (a day dominated by strep throat and a canceled birthday party!). We welcomed home Ty, our new dog. While Lucas turned four, five year old Ty stepped in at the bottom of the pack, but the top of our hearts! We have very few pictures of Ty--too much time working on commands and ensuring our well-disciplined dog remains as such! But here are a few shots of the amazing birthday boy. His love sustains us, brightens our lives, and reminds us that each of carries the seed of God within. Enjoy these, as we have the privilege of enjoying him!


Sue said...

Wow!! Happy Birthday to the big boy!! What a joy he is -- and what a week you've had!

A DOG??!!! Now THAT is news, my friend! Please post some pix -- I'd love to see him! There are just way too many explanation points in this comment now ... :)

Have a wonderful weekend with your growing family!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday again Lucas..just think, there are only 6 decades between us. and I love you and Kyra very much - and remember so well the day when you were born...and I heard all about the truck accident from your big sister Kyra and Auntie as they rushed to welcome you.
How blessed I am to have such a beautiful family. and your mommy and daddy are super parents...say hi to TY for me...