Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

A skeleton and vampire head out to the full moon on a spooktacular Halloween evening! Truly fun time--a party at our neighbor's house, and then traipsing around in the (drizzly) balmy weather for bags full of candy. Now the kids are SOUND asleep and Matt and I get to paw through their treats bags to see what was really intended for the parents. Nah....we'll just have popcorn! Happy night, all!


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Sue said...

How fun!! The kids look ... is adorable an appropriate word? :) So glad you posted the pix -- and happy to hear you had a fun night together!

I have yet to post about our evening -- we stayed out far later than we had hoped, thereby missing all the fun in our own neighborhood. But we had a wonderful time nonetheless.

And the best part? Despite the time change, which we usually dread in our house (one more set of "rules" the kids don't play by), my worn-out munchkins actually slept in! Hallelujah!!

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