Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Christmastime is here....

Lucas and lights....could there be more holiday charm?

The angels meet at the tree--the consequences of a preschooler
decorating by clumping all ornaments into categories!

Kyra and Matt enjoying Grandpa's pickup truck,

after delivering another load of firewood!

A swirl of smoke rises from the chimney. Ah, warmth....

While a bit early for some families, the celebration is in full swing here in CT! Enjoy some images of winter and Christmas arriving to our home.

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Sue said...

Hooray for Christmas cheer! What beautiful pictures. My favorite? The angels! "meeting at the tree" ... priceless! But what's more ... we have that same little "natural" angel (from 10-thousand villages, right? That's not the one we all got at the Gatehouse, is it??!!!). Familiar sites, wonderful memories ... We set up a little 3-foot fake tree on our front porch, and this is the 2nd year where that tree is now "Aidan's Tree." He decorates it himself with the gaudiest, tackiest, and sweetest ornaments (the ones he made himself). He and Kyra should have a tree-decorating contest! :) Thanks for sharing this early joy ... I'm right there with you!