Monday, November 26, 2007

Giving thanks, all hour--day--year long

I'll admit it--I'm poor with transitions, particularly the little ones through which most people glide. Sunday afternoon to evening is tough for me, particularly after an extra long weekend at home. Around 4pm I feel my stomach drop a bit as I realize time is "running out"--time at home, that is. Though I love my work, I crave more time at home, and the Monday morning return to work always looms larger than it should.

It was looming particularly large when the kids began waking continuously from 2:30-4am early this morning. While Matt did all of the getting up, soothing and comforting, those constant wake-ups (resulting in Matt resting on the couch downstairs and both kids on top of me in our bed at 4am) gave me more than enough time to ponder that yes, indeed, Monday morning was very nearly upon me. And approaching Monday morning from a state of sleeplessness is all the worse, typically.

As is often the case on this blog and in my life, I decided on my drive in I needed to extend the Thanksgiving holiday....I needed to express my gratitude on this, a sleepy, stressful Monday. It's easy to say a grace of thanksgiving when surrounded by family on a warm day at home with a table full of turkey, gravy and corn casserole before me. It turns out it's easy on rainy Monday mornings as well!

In no particular order, here are some of the things I'm grateful for today....
  • the clever person who determined that in between the green and red lights there should be a yellow to provide ample warning to slow down--how many lives has that yellow light saved?
  • a steaming hot cup of coffee....a true pleasure this morning, in particular!
  • a particular stretch of road on my drive to work where the trees hang fully over the road--it feels as though I am deep in the forest, held in the embrace of the trees
  • having two walkable legs on which I carry myself to my office, and two workable arms that could load in all my bags of work this morning
  • leaving Lucas and Matt beside the Christmas tree this morning, snuggling on the couch as they read a book together
  • the deep sighs that both of my kids make periodically as they sleep
  • work that provides for my family, and in many ways inspires and motivates me....even on a Monday!

Now back to that coffee....enjoy the day!


Sue said...

Aahhhh ... now I see why you commented the other day that we seem to be in the same place! What was up with your kids?! Could they, too, be feeling that little flip of the stomach, with Monday around the corner, needing Mommy a little bit more, even at an ungodly hour? What a beautiful family you are -- I think of that every time I see pictures, or read your updates, or especially when I see you in person. I admire your bond -- with Matt, with your kids. I'm glad you were able to be thankful in it all ... the stop light observation was intriguing, for starters! :) I'll tell you, the peace that you feel when switching gears like that, mentally, is pretty amazing. I've been on a bit of a "peace high" since last week, and it is my prayer that you feel some of that yourself. It's nice to have a traveling companion.

Blessings on your week, on your family, on you, my friend.

Grampa Peter said...

Thank you for this gentle reminder that every day should be one of thanks-giving. We tend to be grateful for the joys of this life, we need to be thankful for the sadness as well. one of the beliefs of "father" was that he encouraged me, and all of us to find reasons to be thankful...I needed to be reminded of this. Thank you = I am thankful for you and your family, and for Heather, and for life.