Saturday, November 07, 2009


It's Saturday morning and I'm the last one out of bed--middle of the night reading, once again, after the dog had a nightmare that woke me. The kids are playing happily, peacefully, is so, so nice.

They often play "Jack and Luc" while they are home together--an opportunity for both of them to step into an alter-ego that is oddly like their own, but it seems a necessary game, nonetheless. They are running around the house with old cell phones from which we've removed the batteries, building lego creations, and tormenting the dog when he will let them.

"Luc" just called out, "Hey Jack--I'm going to download." Um....sure....whatever that means! Ah, youth!


Sue said...

One of my favorite things is to do simply that -- listen in on my kids' play. What they come up with, how they talk to each other (and oh, how often I hear myself!) is just such a gift.

"Downloading?" -- yeah, I hear Matt somewhere in that conversation ... :)

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