Monday, February 06, 2006

Child development 101

Matt and I work at a liberal arts college with an outstanding, reputable nursery school program. Though adding nursery school to Kyra's schedule meant having her out of the house five mornings a week, we decided the added benefit of some developmentally-focused one on one time between Mommy and Lucas on those two extra mornings would make it all worthwhile. Would you call today's activity gross motor development? Or perhaps fine, if he pauses to stoop and use his pincer grasp to pick up the little flecks of paper passed over by our oh-so-costly vacuum cleaner? Whoever said child development couldn't have a positive impact on the whole family?


Anonymous said...

I do think vacuuming practices developmental skills--and you are putting a real life context into it! I was at a math workshop this afternoon hearing how important context is--Lucas will always appreciate a clean rug. Think of the life skills he is getting! :}

Kristen said...

Jennifer - I can't believe how big he is. He's adorable! And I think the vacuuming holds a lot of value...namely from the perspective that you might as well "let" him do it while he's still willing! LOL.