Thursday, February 16, 2006

Welcome to the lucky 13!

Overlook for a moment the busy background of afghans and blankets, as well as the two tired little ones with their long, drawn faces. Focus instead on the beautiful girl on the right. Those dark eyes and subtle smile belong to Megan--daughter, sister, niece, cousin, granddaughter, friend...and today, birthday celebrant. Welcome, Megan, to the lucky year of being a magical 13 years old! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Your special day is meaningful to us because your birth and your life bring us such joy.

I (Aunt Jen) first had the opportunity to see you when you were 10 days old, and being with you while Uncle Matt was caring for you was yet another confirmation for me that he was someone I could love for a lifetime. In watching you and Kirsten grow and learn and change and become more of who you are today, we both learned about how deeply we could love. Without you, I don't know that we could have ever anticipated the joy we would find with Kyra and Lucas. Loving you gave us a little bit of courage that we could somehow find a way to love our own children someday, and one of our favorite parts of having them is watching how you now love and care for them.

We wish we were closer. Sometimes across the country feels as though it might as well be across the world. Birthdays are one of those days... So know, from afar, that we are thinking of you from the moment we got up (and lucky for you decided not to wake your entire family at 3am!) until tonight when we finally go to sleep. Eat a piece of cake for us and take pictures, too! Happy 13th birthday, Meg! We love you.


Anonymous said...

Hello... is anyone there??? this is n & f in florida leaving you a note...

Jennifer said...

Sure enough, Nana and Father! What fun to have you signing your comments. Enjoy reading the blog--you'll definitely have a better sense of our day to day lives and the great kids that go along with them!