Sunday, February 05, 2006

Weather wiles

Surviving a New England winter typically entails comparing snow totals (in feet, not inches!), contemplating just how much deodorant is needed under the layers of clothing required to get from house to car, and enduring a few consecutive days of air so cold your nose hairs freeze when you breathe in. How is it, then, that I just took a walk in February with only a sweater for warmth, and I have yet to truly miss the gloves I lost weeks ago? After frantic worry about the cost of home heating oil, we replaced the windows in our 1910 home. Between our newly-insulated look and feel and the higher than normal temperatures, we might save money this year over last! Can't wait for the kids to wake from their naps so we can go outdoors and play. Kyra asked earlier if it was warm enough to wear shorts and flip flops. She's our summer girl, but today a light jacket will have to do. I know deep down global warming is a bad, bad thing....but a little local warming feels great right about now!

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Allie D. said...

Hello there!! Glad to see you blogging! I love reading what you write. :) You mind if I link you on my page?